drama  |  b/w  |  2.35:1  |  7 mins |  Dutch  | september 2010

cast : Evrim Kurç, Ilse van Kollenburg, Lukas van de Vrande

scenario : Lilian Sijbesma, Tom van Blommestein

production : Marianne Jekkers

director : Aart Taminiau

“Multitasking”  was the first 48HFP I shot  ( I actually replaced  Jur Oster who got occupied with something else ) .  It competed and screened at the Nederlands Film Festival 2010, Utrecht, and won  “ BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY ” .  The jury commented (quote):

" Each shot is  a photograph in its own right , composed with guts.”

“ Cutting off the male protagonist’s face – that’s daring original . ”

Nominations included: “Best Directing” and “runner-up Audience Award”. It’s my opinion we also deserved a nomination for “best use of prop” ( as it was a perfect metaphor to the whole movie ).

After the pitch, the writers produced a story about the ruts ensuing from a polygamous marriage. Three people cramped into a traingle of intimacy ( like fish in a bowl ) . Aart (director) insisted it had to be painful, yet he allowed me 100% freedom to decide my way of shooting it, restricting himself to the actors entirely. Due to the cynic tone of the story, I decided on a sharply lit monochrome look, bordering on German expressionism and film noir  ( Evrim smoking all the time added severly to that ). Half the time I was shooting through pro-mists and S/FX glass to achieve a foggy, ‘dirty’ look, and I used a lot of negative framing to make the characters appear locked in. To make the ‘husband’ an impersonal presence, I suggested to keep him faceless, so that only his acts would count. I personally like the kitchen sequence best: a chance to ridicule him by pure camera movement ( his approach through a blacked-out hallway was both pratical and effective: to give the shot purpose he fumbles a cheatsheet just before he enters the kitchen ( his mystery becomes a cheap trick ), and when he starts reciting the haiku, the camera has seen more than enough and leaves.

I shot on 530P with PRO35 (P+S) and SSMk.II cine primes. Bas and Kelly from  Goldeneye generously facilitated this equipment. Light was arranged through Open Studio by the producer.

Mick (gaffer) came all the way down to Utrecht to rig the place. He did a great job!

The version that competed was ungraded. The version that the stills below are from, underwent minor contrast tweaks. In random order:


Title: Multitasking (ungraded version) | Genre: Film femme

Prop: Goldfish | Line: ‘The summer is over’ | Character: Kersten, a Haiku poet

Dutch | 7 mins | Black&White | 2.35:1


Evrim Kurç

Ilse van Kollenburg

Lukas van de Vrande


Lilian Sijbesma - script

Tom van Blommestein - script

Marianne Jekkers - producer

Aart Taminiau - director

Dick Merx - camera / d.o.p.

Leon Vrolijk - editor

Olivier Rekers - sound engineer

Rik van den Berge - sound engineer / score

Mick van Herk - gaffer

Chrissy van Dun - wardrobe / makeup

Lukas van de Vrande - setdresser

Bart Le Belle - 1st A.D.

Lars Pels - video assist

Dik de Jong - production assistant

George Holzheimer - production assistant

Special thanks to


Open Studio

Scouting Utrecht Oost

MvS Klusbedrijf Utrecht

Amsterdamse BosTheater

Kees van Kuijk

Jasper Dankaart

Darin G.

Paul Jekkers

Yvonne Magry